Project Management and Implementation

Sr.No Description Client Name Year
1. Project Management services for establishing Institute of Banking, Finance and Management –(IBFAM)

NMC was also commissioned as the Project Management Consultants to establish the above Institute.

NPET 1999
2. Established APTECH Education Centre in Karachi. APTECH 1999
3. Provided Project management services for establishing Pak – Holland Training Centre (PHTC). SIDB + RNE 1999
4. Implementation of the Micro & Small Enterprise lease programme in N.W.F.P. and Punjab for Leasing Association of Pakistan (LAP) SDC + LAP 1999
5. Project Management services for establishing Asia Pacific Institute of Information Technology, APIIT, Pakistan, a franchise arrangements from  Asia Pacific Institute of Information Technology,  APIIT, Malaysia. APIIT 1998
6. Assisted in the establishment of the National Institute for Leather Technology (NILT) at Karachi, a Rs.73 million project being funded through the Export Development Fund and managed by Pakistan Tanners Association (PTA). EPB + PTA 1997
7. NMC prepared an exhaustive study on the “Uplift Programme of Korangi Industrial Area (UPKIA)”. KATI 1997
8. Implementation and Project Management Services for Material testing Facilities at Sialkot of Surgical Instruments Manufacturers Association, SIMA + RNE 1995
9. Feasibility study of Cutlery Institute of Pakistan, Wazirabad, EPB 1995
10. Prepared studies for setting up Common Facilities and Training Centres for PHMP at Peshawar and Haripur, NWFP for the following activities:

  • Foundry
  • Forging
  • Heat Treatment
  • Surface Treatment
  • Tool and Die Shop

NMC was also entrusted to implement the above centres.

SIDB + RNE 1994
11. The official Consultant to Pakistan Tanners Association and provided advisory services on various issues such as support for SME tanneries, productivity improvement, environmental mitigation measures, project development, M&E, etc.. PTA 1994 – 2000
12. Consultancy services (as permanent consultants) to Small Industrial Development Board (SIDB), NWFP in their project, Pak-Holland Metal Project (PHMP), set up to develop metal industry in small-scale industrial sector. The areas covered by NMC for providing consultancy services pertain to:

  • Extension services
  • Industrial Technology Centre
  • Common facilities
  • Model workshop
  • Credit facilities
  • Training
  • Involvement of women
  • Management information
  • Monitoring and impact evaluation
  • Environment aspects and working conditions
SIDB + RNE 1992 to


13. Study on participation of Women in the Small Enterprises sector in Sialkot and Faisalabad. UNDP 1991