Seminars, Conferences and Workshops Organized/Conducted by NMC

Sr.No Description Client Name Year
1. In association with Karachi School for Business and Leadership (KSBL) and Center for Entrepreneurship Development Institute of Business Administration (CED @ IBA) Karachi organized a half day Seminar on Innovation Management in ICT at Karachi NICT R&D 2013
2. conducted three workshops at Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad which were attended by members of academia, industry and government in order to gather opinions of cross sections of society regarding importance of setting up the Institute of Renewable Energy Technologies AEDB 2007
3. During preparation of Study on Sindh Vision 2030 (SV 2030) for Government of Sindh in 2007, conducted eleven workshops in Karachi and four other districts(Hyderabad, Mirpurkhas, Nawabshah and Sukkur) with stakeholders, officers of districts government, economists, researchers, public reps and NGOs, occupational groups, chamber of commerce, agriculture and industry to solicit their views. P&DD, GoS 2007
4. In association with HZ Technologies, Australia conducted Training / workshop program in April 2006 for PIA Officers regarding number of initiatives taken in PIA and their implementation. PIA 2006
5. Conducted INCOTERMS 2000 Seminars (30 nos.) in Karachi. The Seminar was sponsored by EPB, Govt. of Pakistan EPB, GoP 2000
6. Prepared Report on Training workshops on Micro and Small Leasing for LAP LAP 2000
7. Conducted one day Workshop on Micro Leasing for Leasing Association of Pakistan (LAP) and Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC). The Workshop were organized in three major cities . LAP 1999
8. Conducted one day Seminar on Micro Leasing for Leasing Association of Pakistan and SDC in Peshawar, Abbotabad and Mingora. LAP 1999
9. Conducted Roadshows  for:

Asia Pacific Institute of Information Technology  (APIIT)

Institute of Banking Finance and Management  (IBFAM)

10. Developed paper for Seminar on “Business Development Services (BDS) for Micro and Small Scale Enterprises (MSEs) at Islamabad. ILO 1999
11. Conducted Workshop on Findings & Recommendations of Study on Child Labour in Sialkot District. UNICEF 1999
12. Conducted Participatory Rapid Approach (PRA) Workshop at district level in Sindh on Social Forestry. ADB 1998
13. Conducted Seminar on Sugar Industry of Pakistan sponsored by HBL HBL 1997
14. Conducted Seminar on Textile  Industry of Pakistan sponsored by HBL HBL 1997
15. Conducted Seminar on Textile (Ginning)  Industry of Pakistan in Faisalabad, sponsored by HBL HBL 1997
16. Conducted various Workshop for HBL Senior Executives in Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad on the following subjects:

  • Basic Banking Law and Registration Documents Management
  • Forex and Money Market
  • Basics of Commercial Financing
  • Market Placement Management
  • Basics of Services
HBL 1997
17. Conducted several Focus Group Discussions of Habib Bank’s Mandatory retired officers with an objective to understand and assess needs, aspirations, view and opinions for developing / identifying specific programs that would  ease and assist the retired officers in making a transition to a more meaningful and productive life after retirement from the Bank. Based on discussions, the findings and results were presented. HBL 1997
18. Conducted two Consultative Workshops for Pakistan Tanners Association. PTA 1995
19. Developed proceeding of the Seminar on PTA Environmental Management Programme. PTA 1995
20. Developed proceedings of planning workshop on:

PTA Environmental Management Programme and Combined Effluent Treatment Plant Project for Korangi Tanneries at PTA Karachi

PTA 1995
21. Organized a workshop on ‘Development Strategies for the Micro and Small-Scale Enterprises in Pakistan’ – a joint financed venture of the Allied Bank and the Dutch Government (Royal Netherlands Embassy, Islamabad). ABL + RNE 1995
22. Developed proceedings of the workshop on “Impact of Privatization in NWFP”. P&DD, GoNWFP 1995
23. Conducted Workshop on Evaluation Techniques by Royal Netherlands Embassy. RNE 1993
24. Conducted an exhibition and Workshop for technicians of  Sabro Industries of Pakistan in Karachi SABRO 1991
25. Conducted a Workshop on Orienting Research and Technology Efforts towards Conservation for IUCN. IUCN 1990
26. Conducted four Workshops on Environment Impact Assessment for IUCN IUCN 1990