Pre-Investment, Sectoral and Feasibility Studies

Sr. No Description Client Name Year
1. Feasibility Study on establishment of Pak China Special Economic Zone (PCSEZ) in Karachi. Pak China Investment Company Limited


2. Business Plan for Venecia High Rise Projects. MyPak Karachi 2011
3. Master Document/Business Plan for Creek Views Highrise. AKD Karachi 2011
4. Turnaround Strategy for Askari CNG. Askari CNG (RWP) 2010
5. Feasibility studies for a cool chain system comprising of cold storages, export packhouses, reefer yards and testing labs across the National Trade Corridor. IPDF 2008
6. Solicitation Document for Pasta Manufacturing in Pakistan. Qureshi Flour Mills 2008


7. Solicitation Document for SWEDE Bus Pakistan Limited. SWEDE Bus Pakistan 2008
8. Pre-feasibility study for Pak China Special Economic Zone (PCSEZ) at Karachi. Arif Habib Group 2008
9. Feasibility study for setting up Institute of Renewable Energy Technology (IRET) for the Alternate Energy Development Board (AEDB). AEDB 2007
10. Evaluated and produced following 19 pre-feasibility studies on behalf of P&DD, GoP:


a.    Fruits and Vegetable Processing Zones in Karachi, Multan, Faisalabad, Swat and Quetta.

b.    Farming of Edible Oil Seeds, Production of Edible Oils, Processing and Marketing.

c.    Dairy Farming, Dairy Production, Processing and Marketing.

d.    Establishment of Floriculture Farming, Production, Processing and Marketing.

e.    Cattle Farming, Meat Production Marketing and Processing.

f.     Gypsum Mining, Production, Processing and Marketing.

g.    Super Tertiary Hospital in major cities of Pakistan.

h.    Ferry Service between Karachi-Dubai and Karachi-Mumbai.

i.      Health Club and Spa.

j.     Buddhist Pilgrimage & Development of Facilities near Buddhist Shrines.

k.    Sikh Pilgrimage & Development of Facilities near Sikh Shrines.

l.      Mountain Air Safari.

m.  Magnesite Refractories Production.

n.    Pesticide Industry.

o.    Steel and Related Products.

p.    Chain of Supermarkets in the Country.

q.    Establishment of Amusement Parks in Karachi, Lahore and Rawalpindi/Islamabad.

r.     Gem Stones, Production, Processing & Marketing.

s.    Fish Farming both Inland and Costal, Production Processing

P&DD, GoP 2006
11. In Association with J E Austin Associates Inc. USA prepared Feasibility Study for a Center for Entrepreneurial Excellence (CEE) at IBM, Karachi. USAID 2006
12. Pre-feasibility study for Farming of Edible oil seeds production of edible oils processing and Marketing. P&DD, GoP 2005
13. Feasibility study for Aptech Saddar Centre for Pacific Asia Building Contractors. PAB 2005
14. Pre-feasibility study for Fruits and Vegetable Processing Zones in Karachi, Multan, Faisalabad, Swat and Quetta. P&DD, GoP 2005
15. Prepared pre-feasibility study for Gypsum Mining, Production Processing and Marketing. P&DD, GoP 2005
16. Pre-feasibility study for Super Tertiary Hospital in major cities of Pakistan P&DD, GoP 2005
17. Pre-feasibility study for Ferry Services between Karachi – Dubai and Karachi – Mumbai. P&DD, GoP 2005
18. Feasibility study of setting up Floating Club in Karachi, Pakistan NASA Corp. 2005
19. Business Plan to help raise funds for  COMMEC Education Trust in setting up Teacher Training College. COMMEC 2004
20. Pre-feasibility study for setting up supermarket at Karachi. ICCI 2004
21. Pre-feasibility study for setting up Permanent Commercial Centre (PCC) of GCC Countries in Pakistan ICCI 2004
22. Feasibility Study for 300 Beds Creek City Hospital (CCH) for DHA. DHA 2003
23. Info Document of Defence Authority University (DAU) for DHA DHA 2003
24. Feasibility Study of SHAAFI Medical Centre. SMF 2002
25. Feasibility Study for Setting up of an American University in Pakistan. Trinity College & University 2002
26. Feasibility studies, funding plans for identification of local franchises for setting-up APTECH Computer Education Centers. AWI 2002
27. Feasibility study for setting up security services company in Pakistan. HBL 2001
28. Feasibility study for Courier Services Company in Pakistan.   2000
29. Feasibility study for the Manufacture of Automobile Transmission Components at PMTF, Karachi. PMTF 2000
30. Feasibility study, funding plan and turn-key implementation of the Institute of Banking Finance & Management (IBFAM). NPET 1999
31. Feasibility Study for Pak-Holland Training Centre for PHMP, Peshawar. RNE 1999
32. Techno-economic feasibility report for a Float Glass Plant at Fateh Jang. NDFC 1999
33. Techno-economic feasibility report for PVC Pipes and Fittings manufacturing plant in Pakistan. Falcon Developers 1999
34. Feasibility study, funding plan and a turn-key assignment for the establishment of Asia Pacific Institute of Information Technology (APIIT), a joint venture between Q Systems of Pakistan and APIIT of Malaysia. APIIT – Pak 1998
35. Feasibility study for an Artificial Leather manufacturing facility in Pakistan. IDPL 1998
36. Feasibility study for the upgradation of Leather Products Development Institute at Sialkot. LIDO 1998
37. Detailed Study on Tanning Industry in Pakistan. PTA + EPB 1998
38. Detailed feasibility study for Fan Development Institute at Gujrat. EPB, GoP 1998
39. Pre-feasibility study for marketing of Diebold Safe Deposit Boxes in Karachi for M/s QSystem Inc., USA. Q Systems 1998
40. Feasibility study for setting up a Discount House in Pakistan. SAPICO 1998
41. Detailed techno-economic feasibility study of a Hi-tech Industrial Zone along M-2 (near Islamabad). Hyundai Engineering & Construction Co 1998
42. Detailed feasibility study for a Computer Training Institute at Lyari, Karachi. OPF 1998
43. Assisted Dolmen Group in assessing the feasibility of setting up a Play land/Amusement Park. Dolmen 1998
44. Feasibility studies for private hospitals and clinics in Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad. Various Clients 1997-2000
45. Detailed feasibility study of setting up a Dates Research Institute at Khairpur, Sindh. EPB, GoP 1997
46. Detailed Study on Migratory Livestock and the Marketing System in Balochistan. P&DD, GoB 1997
47. Feasibility study for setting up a Gem and Gemological Institute at Peshawar. EPB, GoP 1997
48. Feasibility study for setting-up a modern and well-equipped Computer Training Institute (CTI) in Karachi on behalf of QSystem Inc., USA Q Systems 1997
49. Study on Setting-up Computer System Marketing & Servicing Company in Pakistan. Q Systems 1997
50. Techno-economic study for readymix cement project. Attock Cement 1996
51. Detailed feasibility Study on Introducing Ferry Service on Karachi – Dubai Route. Inter Globe 1996
52. Market Study to assess the demand / supply and other general aspects of Fullers Earth. POL 1996
53. Feasibility study for Combined Effluent Treatment Plant for Tanneries in S.I.T.E., Karachi. PTA 1996
54. Pre-feasibility study on Environment Uplift Program for Korangi Industrial Area (KIA), Karachi. KATI 1996
55. An in-depth study of setting up on Internal Combustion Engine (for generating sets) Plant in Pakistan. BoI, GoP 1996
56. Feasibility study and funding plan for Usman Institute of Technology (UIT). UIT 1996
57. Assisted Karachi Marriott hotel in assessing the feasibility of setting up a Glass Suit Tower. Marriott 1996
58. A detailed Study on Refining Crude Palm Oil   in Pakistan. Lead Grain 1995
59. Techno-economic study for Fruit Processing Plant for PIDC PIDC 1995
60. Techno-economic study for the manufacture of Drilling Equipment in Bangladesh. SAARC 1995
61. Techno-economic study for Paper and Paperboard for PIDC. PIDC 1995
62. Pre-Feasibility Studies for Board of Investment as follows:


  • Small  Size Tractors and/or Power Tillers
  • Tourist Resorts/Hotels
  • Refrigerators
  • Sealed Compressors
  • Polyvinyl Chloride
  • Drive Shafts and Rear Axle Shafts
  • Automotive Air-Conditioners
  • Leather Footwear
  • Onyx and Granite Quarrying and Processing
  • Polypropylene
  • Polyethylene
  • Newsprint
  • Ordinary Portland Cement
  • Liner Alkyl Benzene
  • Industrial Alcohol
  • Diesel Electric Generators
  • Small & Medium Sized Generators
  • Internal Combustion Engine
  • Leather Tanning Machinery
BoI 1995
63. Techno-economic report for setting up a plant in Pakistan to Sensitize Aluminum Sheets for matching the requirements of the printing industry. Turab Corp. 1995
64. Detailed assessment survey of Cigarette Market in Karachi. DJK 1995
65. A detailed Study on Non-Electronic Diagnostic & Therapic Surgical Instruments Market in Pakistan. Cupola 1995
66. A detailed Study of Newsprint Manufacturing in Pakistan. Jang Group 1995
67. A detailed feasibility study for Baig Group of Companies to enter joint venture arrangement with WIN Corporation, S.Korea for the containers manufacture in Pakistan. Baig Group 1995
68. Industrial Engineering and Redesign of Centre for Agriculture Machinery Industries (CAMI), Mian Channu. (Punjab). CAMI + RNE 1994
69. Study on the Machinery Sector of Pakistan for CHC. CHC 1994
70. A detailed feasibility Study on marketing of Mineral Water in Pakistan. PWBL 1993
71. Feasibility study for Pakistan Machine Tool Factory (PMTF) for product diversification. PMTF 1993
72. Feasibility study for PNSC for a Ferry Service to Dubai from Karachi. PNSC 1993
73. Detailed study for constructing Shopping Cum Office Complex on I. I. Chundrigar Road, Karachi and Allama Iqbal Road, Lahore and Bank Road Rawalpindi for a private sector entrepreneur. Orient Builders 1991
74. Feasibility study for Cardex Clinic, Lahore Cardex Corp. 1990
75. Feasibility study for rice-transplanters and combine harvesters all over the Country. PIDB 1989
76. Feasibility study for an Artificial Leather Manufacturing Plant in Pakistan IDPL 1988
77. Feasibility study for a pharmaceutical manufacturing company and arranged technical collaboration for the same. KCI 1988
78. Assisted COMMEC Education Trust in establishing the COMMEC Institute of Business Education alongwith running their fund raising campaign COMMEC 1980