1. Feasibility study for Courier Services Company in Pakistan. 2000
2. Assisted an American real estate developer in carrying out detailed evaluation of real estate properties on Karachi’s coastline.
3. Workshop on ‘Development Strategies for the Micro and Small-Scale Enterprises in Pakistan. ABL & Dutch Govt. 1999
4. Organized a workshop on ‘Development Strategies for the Micro and Small-Scale Enterprises in Pakistan’ – a joint financed venture of the Allied Bank and the Dutch Government (Royal Netherlands Embassy, Islamabad). ABL + RNE 1995
5. Market study to assess the market for Polystyrene in Pakistan. Adamjee Group 1997
6. Conducted a detailed survey of Municipal Solid Waste on behalf of Karachi Metropolitan Corporation (KMC). ADB 1994
7. Conducted Participatory Rapid Approach (PRA) Workshop at district level in Sindh on Social Forestry. ADB 1998
8. Benchmark surveys for the Sindh Forestry Development Project. ADB + GoS 1998
9. Carried out O & M study of various departments of Pakistan Agriculture Research Council. ADB/ PARC 2007
10. Modular training program for family-owned businesses in collaboration with Academy for Education Development (AED), a US-based consultancy firm. AED, USAID 1990
11. Feasibility study for setting up Institute of Renewable Energy Technology (IRET) for the Alternate Energy Development Board (AEDB). AEDB 2007
12. conducted three workshops at Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad which were attended by members of academia, industry and government in order to gather opinions of cross sections of society regarding importance of setting up the Institute of Renewable Energy Technologies AEDB 2007
13. Master Document/Business Plan for Creek Views Highrise. AKD Karachi 2011
14. Districts profiles of all the 30 districts of Balochistan in respect of demography, climate, soil conditions, agriculture industry, mineral resources and energy etc. Al-Khaleej Sugar Company, UAE 2012


15. Project Management services for establishing Asia Pacific Institute of Information Technology, APIIT, Pakistan, a franchise arrangements from  Asia Pacific Institute of Information Technology,  APIIT, Malaysia.


APIIT 1998
16. Feasibility study, funding plan and a turn-key assignment for the establishment of Asia Pacific Institute of Information Technology (APIIT), a joint venture between Q Systems of Pakistan and APIIT of Malaysia. APIIT – Pak 1998
17. Conducted Roadshows  for:

Asia Pacific Institute of Information Technology  (APIIT)

Institute of Banking Finance and Management  (IBFAM)

18. Established APTECH Education Centre in Karachi. APTECH 1999
19. Feasibility studies, funding plans for identification of local franchises for setting-up APTECH Computer Education Centers. APTECH 2002
20. Pre-feasibility study for Pak China Special Economic Zone (PCSEZ) at Karachi. Arif Habib Group 2008
21. Turnaround Strategy for Askari CNG. Askari CNG (RWP) 2010
22. Prepared Financial Model for Multi fuels for Askari CNG Askari CNG (RWP) 2010
23. Study on Flying Group of Industry. Askari Commercial Bank Ltd 1999
24. Development and implementation of a comprehensive vender development program for Honda Motorcycles. Atlas Honda 1992
25. Techno-economic study for readymix cement project. Attock Cement 1996
26. Market study on Ceramic and Granite Tiles in Pakistan. Attock Group 1995
27. Market study for Industrial Grade Asphalt in Pakistan. Attock Refinery Ltd., 1995
28. Prepared Solicitation Document for Askari Pharma AWT (RWP) 2011
29. Turnaround Study for a Saw Mill Complex at Mirpur, AJK Azad Corp. 1996
30. A detailed feasibility study for Baig Group of Companies to enter joint venture arrangement with WIN Corporation, S.Korea for the containers manufacture in Pakistan. Baig Group 1995
31. Assisted Baig Group of Companies to enter joint venture arrangement with WIN Corporation, S.Korea for the containers manufacture in Pakistan. Baig Group 1995
32. Conducted effective selling skills training programme for Bank Al-Falah executives.


Bank Al-Falah 1998
33. Pre-Feasibility Studies for Board of Investment as follows:


-        Small  Size Tractors and/or Power Tillers

-        Tourist Resorts/Hotels

-        Refrigerators

-        Sealed Compressors

-        Polyvinyl Chloride

-        Drive Shafts and Rear Axle Shafts

-        Automotive Air-Conditioners

-        Leather Footwear

-        Onyx and Granite Quarrying and Processing

-        Polypropylene

-        Polyethylene

-        Newsprint

-        Ordinary Portland Cement

-        Liner Alkyl Benzene

-        Industrial Alcohol

-        Diesel Electric Generators

-        Small & Medium Sized Generators

-        Internal Combustion Engine

-        Leather Tanning Machinery

BoI 1995
34. An in-depth study of setting up on Internal Combustion Engine (for generating sets) Plant in Pakistan. BoI, GoP 1996
35. Study for Leather and PVC Suitcases and flexible Travel Goods in Pakistan. BoI, GoP 1996
36. Credit strategy for financing Small-Scale Enterprises in NWFP for the Bank of Khyber (BoK). BoK 1996
37. Institutional strengthening of Balochistan Water and Sewerage Authority  (BWASA) BWASA 1992
38. Computer based Inventory and Job Costing System for the Centre for Agricultural Machinery Industries (CAMI) at Mian Channu. Also prepared the Operation Manuals CAMI 1994
39. Developed a Project Monitoring and Evaluation System for the Centre for Agricultural Machinery Industries (CAMI) at Mian Channu. CAMI 1994
40. Industrial Engineering and Redesign of Centre for Agriculture Machinery Industries (CAMI), Mian Channu. (Punjab). CAMI + RNE 1994
41. Feasibility study for Cardex Clinic, Lahore Cardex Corp. 1990
42. Comprehensive study on telecommunication sector of Pakistan. CHC 1995
43. Study on the Machinery Sector of Pakistan for CHC. CHC 1994
44. Study on International Education Market in Pakistan sponsored by Canadian High Commission in Pakistan. CHC 2012


45. Market study of import of Agro-food products by Pakistan at the behest of Canadian High Commission CHC 2001
46. Assisted the commercial section of the Canadian High Commission in identifying various key sectors for increased commercial cooperation between Pakistan and Canada. CHC 1993
47. Market study of Additives used in various products CIBA 1998
48. Business Plan to help raise funds for  COMMEC Education Trust in setting up Teacher Training College. COMMEC 2004
49. Assisted COMMEC Education Trust in establishing the COMMEC Institute of Business Education alongwith running their fund raising campaign COMMEC 1980
50. A detailed Study on Non-Electronic Diagnostic & Therapic Surgical Instruments Market in Pakistan. Cupola 1995
51. Study of Non-electric Diagnostic and Therapeutic Surgical Instruments in Pakistan and their export potential. Cupola 1995
52. Market study of Telephone Cables in Pakistan. Dewan Group 1994
53. Prepared detailed feasibility study for the establishment of Pakistan’s largest polyester staple fiber unit — Dewan Salman Fiber Limited. Also assisted in establishing joint venture between Dewan Mushtaq Group of Pakistan, Mitsubishi Corp. of Japan and Sam Yang Company of South Korea. Assisted in arranging necessary local and foreign financing for the US $ 100 million project. Dewan Group 1990
54. Feasibility Study for 300 Beds Creek City Hospital (CCH) for DHA. DHA 2003
55. Info Document of Defence Authority University (DAU) for DHA DHA 2003
56. Comprehensive strategy to upgrade a leading diagnostic centre of Karachi Diagnostic Center 1995
57. Detailed assessment survey of Cigarette Market in Karachi. DJK 1995
58. Assisted Dolmen Group in assessing the feasibility of setting up a Play land/Amusement Park. Dolmen 1998
59. Numerous turnaround studies, revitalization studies and reorganization studies for a number of clients Between 1994-98. A few include:

-        Pakistan Design Institute of EPB;

-        Pakistan Packaging Institute of EPB;

-        Center for Agriculture Machinery Industries; and

-    Otsuka Pakistan Ltd.













60. Market study for Export Promotion Bureau (EPB) to assess the market potential of Stuffed Toys EPB 1994
61. Five Year Development Plan in 1994 for the Engineering Industry in Pakistan (1993-1998) comprising 8 volumes as follows:

-        Action Plan;

-        Basic Metals Sector;

-        Metal Products Sector;

-        Mechanical Machinery & Equipment Sector;

-        Electrical Goods Sector;

-        Electronic Goods Sector;

-        Transport & Agricultural Equipment Sector; and

Inputs required for the Engineering Industry.

EPB 1994
62. Feasibility study of Cutlery Institute of Pakistan, Wazirabad, EPB 1995
63. Detailed feasibility study for Fan Development Institute at Gujrat. EPB, GoP 1998
64. Detailed feasibility study of setting up a Dates Research Institute at Khairpur, Sindh. EPB, GoP 1997
65. Feasibility study for setting up a Gem and Gemological Institute at Peshawar. EPB, GoP 1997
66. Action plan for the export of gems and jewelry from Pakistan. EPB, GoP 2000
67. Conducted INCOTERMS 2000 Seminars (30 nos.) in Karachi. The Seminar was sponsored by EPB, Govt. of Pakistan EPB, GoP 2000
68. Conducted Environmental Screening of LNG-based 700 MW, Combined Cycle Power Station and LNG Export Facilities ERM, UK 1997
69. Techno-economic feasibility report for PVC Pipes and Fittings manufacturing plant in Pakistan. Falcon Developers 1999
70. Market study of the trucks market in Pakistan Gandhara Motors 1990
71. Assisted the National Manpower Commission in developing policy recommendations for the GOP for enhancing participation of women in the labor force and for developing adequate training facilities for them. GoP 1989
72. Assisted in Karachi Mass Transit Study by the Govt. of Sindh. GoS 1992
73. Evaluation for the programs of the Women’s Division in Sindh in 1993. GoS 1993
74. Feasibility study and business plan for setting up assembly-cum-manufacturing facilities for Toyota range of vehicles. Habib Group 1988
75. Feasibility study for setting up security services company in Pakistan. HBL 2001
76. Market Place Analysis  of HBL  at three selected model branches in Karachi, Lahore and Sarai Alamgir. HBL 1999
77. Numerous training programmes of varied duration for HBL executives. Following courses were conducted:

-        Basics of banking

-        Accounting and finance course

-        Basics of services

-        Effective selling skills

-        Effective selling skills for relationship managers, corporate banking

-        Managing corporate clients

-        Interviewing techniques

-        Effective job hunting

-        Quality management systems

-        Effective negotiation skills

-        Presentation skills

-        Commercial financing

-        Basics of money market  and foreign exchange

-        Credit management

-        Operational banking

HBL 1999
78. Conducted several Focus Group Discussions of Habib Bank’s Mandatory retired officers.


HBL 1998
79. Conducted Seminar on Sugar Industry of Pakistan sponsored by HBL HBL 1997
80. Conducted Seminar on Textile  Industry of Pakistan sponsored by HBL HBL 1997
81. Conducted Seminar on Textile (Ginning)  Industry of Pakistan in Faisalabad, sponsored by HBL HBL 1997
82. Conducted various Workshop for HBL Senior Executives in Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad on the following subjects:

-        Basic Banking Law and Registration Documents Management

-        Forex and Money Market

-        Basics of Commercial Financing

-        Market Placement Management

-        Basics of Services

HBL 1997
83. Conducted several Focus Group Discussions of Habib Bank’s Mandatory retired officers with an objective to understand and assess needs, aspirations, view and opinions for developing / identifying specific programs that would  ease and assist the retired officers in making a transition to a more meaningful and productive life after retirement from the Bank. Based on discussions, the findings and results were presented. HBL 1997
84. Detailed techno-economic feasibility study of a Hi-tech Industrial Zone along M-2 (near Islamabad). Hyundai Engineering & Construction Co 1998
85. Pre-feasibility study for setting up supermarket at Karachi. ICCI 2004
86. Pre-feasibility study for setting up Permanent Commercial Centre (PCC) of GCC Countries in Pakistan ICCI 2004
87. Development of an MIS on behalf of Industrial Development Bank of Pakistan (IDBP). IDBP 1992
88. Feasibility study for an Artificial Leather manufacturing facility in Pakistan. IDPL 1998
89. Feasibility study for an Artificial Leather Manufacturing Plant in Pakistan IDPL 1988
90. Prepared Research Paper for ILO on Employment Generation Strategy for Poverty Reduction Strategy Paper II. ILO 2006
91. Developed paper for Seminar on “Business Development Services (BDS) for Micro and Small Scale Enterprises (MSEs) at Islamabad. ILO 1999
92. Detailed feasibility Study on Introducing Ferry Service on Karachi – Dubai Route. Inter Globe 1996
93. Feasibility studies for a cool chain system comprising of cold storages, export packhouses, reefer yards and testing labs across the National Trade Corridor. IPDF 2008
94. Assisted National Conservation Strategy Secretariat in formulation of policy guidelines for handling industrial pollution and analysis of cross sectoral impacts. This study later formed a part of the National Conservation Strategy IUCN 1988
95. Assisted National Conservation Strategy Secretariat in developing suggested policy guidelines for orienting research and technology in the country towards environmental conservation. IUCN 1988
96. Developed a conservation and environment protection strategy for the industrial sector for International Union for Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources (IUCN) and the NCS Secretariat, GOP. IUCN 1988
97. Conducted a Workshop on Orienting Research and Technology Efforts towards Conservation for IUCN. IUCN 1990
98. Conducted four Workshops on Environment Impact Assessment for IUCN IUCN 1990
99. Market study for Liquid Antiseptics J&J 1992
100. TNA and manpower development of human resource. J&J Pakistan 1992
101. Turn-around strategy for a multinational pharmaceutical company M/s Johnson & Johnson Pakistan Limited. J&J Pakistan Ltd. 1992
102. A detailed Study of Newsprint Manufacturing in Pakistan. Jang Group 1995
103. Comprehensive techno-economic plan for revival/rehabilitation of Jatoi Foods Limited (JFL). Jatoi Foods Limited (JFL) 1993
104. Pre-feasibility study on Environment Uplift Program for Korangi Industrial Area (KIA), Karachi. KATI 1996
105. NMC prepared an exhaustive study on the “Uplift Programme of Korangi Industrial Area (UPKIA)”. KATI 1997
106. Feasibility study for a pharmaceutical manufacturing company and arranged technical collaboration for the same. KCI 1988
107. Consultancy services to KPT for its Port District Project KPT 2013
108. Institutional strengthening study for the Karachi Water and Sewerage Board (KWSB). KW&SB 1989
109. Implementation of the Micro & Small Enterprise lease programme in N.W.F.P. and Punjab for Leasing Association of Pakistan (LAP)


SDC + LAP 1999
110. Training Needs Assessment of the member companies of Leasing Association of Pakistan – (LAP) LAP 2000
111. Leasing Year Book for the Leasing Association of Pakistan (LAP) LAP 1999
112. Prepared in 2000 Pakistan Leasing Year Book 1999 for LAP LAP 2000
113. Prepared Report on Training workshops on Micro and Small Leasing for LAP LAP 2000
114. Conducted one day Workshop on Micro Leasing for Leasing Association of Pakistan (LAP) and Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC). The Workshop were organized in three major cities . LAP 1999
115. Conducted one day Seminar on Micro Leasing for Leasing Association of Pakistan and SDC in Peshawar, Abbotabad and Mingora. LAP 1999
116. Prepared Accounting Manual for Larkana Sugar Mills (Pvt.) Ltd. Larkana Sugar Mills (Pvt.) Ltd. 1990
117. A detailed Study on Refining Crude Palm Oil   in Pakistan. Lead Grain 1995
118. Feasibility study for the upgradation of Leather Products Development Institute at Sialkot. LIDO 1998
119. Mock Organizational Development Assessment (ODA) of Marie Stopes Society.


Marie Stopes Society 2014
120. Assisted Karachi Marriott hotel in assessing the feasibility of setting up a Glass Suit Tower. Marriott 1996
121. Study of Plasticizers, PVC related Raw Materials Market in Pakistan. Martech, Japan 1996
122. Study on industrial units consuming energy. Maxwell Stamp, UK 1996
123. Survey of patient’s clients and institution client’s preferences for diagnostic medical facilities for a large diagnostic centre at Lahore. Mayo Clinic
124. Assisted the Ministry of Science & Technology in the development of National Technology Policy for Industrial Development. MoST, GoP 1991
125. Business Plan for Venecia High Rise Projects. MyPak Karachi 2011
126. Prepared Organization and Human Resource Manual for National Academy of Performing Arts (NAPA) NAPA 2009
127. Strategy for making NAPA financially self sustaining.. NAPA 2011
128. Feasibility study of setting up Floating Club in Karachi, Pakistan NASA Corp. 2005
129. Study of Automotive Vehicles Market in Pakistan Naya Daur Motor Ltd 1996
130. Survey of Customers’ Satisfaction in order to ascertain service standards of National Bank of Pakistan. Data was collected from 50 selected NBP branches from all over Pakistan. NBP 2010
131. Human Resource (HR) policy and procedure manual of the National Bank of Pakistan (NBP). NBP 2008
132. Techno-economic feasibility report for a Float Glass Plant at Fateh Jang. NDFC 1999
133. Assisted Sind Glass Industries in revitalization of the company. NDFC 1993
134. Post economic evaluation study for a vehicle manufacturing facility in the country. NDFC 1992
135. Procurement Manual containing procurement proposals, procedures, rules and regulations, various formats / performas etc. NICT R&D 2013
136. In association with Karachi School for Business and Leadership (KSBL) and Center for Entrepreneurship Development Institute of Business Administration (CED @ IBA) Karachi organized a half day Seminar on Innovation Management in ICT at Karachi NICT R&D 2013
137. Developed Human Resource Manual for National Logistic Cell (NLC) NLC 2010
138. Conducted a nationwide survey of over 750 companies on behalf of the National Manpower Commission to determine the factors affecting labor absorption in the manufacturing sector. NMC 1989
139. Developed institutional framework for Pak-Norwegian Productive Sector Co-operation. NORAD 1992
140. Feasibility study, funding plan and turn-key implementation of the Institute of Banking Finance & Management (IBFAM). NPET 1999
141. Project Management services for establishing Institute of Banking, Finance and Management –(IBFAM)

NMC was also commissioned as the Project Management Consultants to establish the above Institute.

NPET 1999
142. Detailed feasibility study for a Computer Training Institute at Lyari, Karachi. OPF 1998
143. Detailed study for constructing Shopping Cum Office Complex on I. I. Chundrigar Road, Karachi and Allama Iqbal Road, Lahore and Bank Road Rawalpindi for a private sector entrepreneur. Orient Builders 1991
144. Learning Need Assessment of Orix Leasing. Orix Leasing 2012
145. Market study of Elevators and Escalators to determine the marketing of these products for OTIS, Singapore Otis 1997
146. Market Information System MIS on behalf of Otsuka Pakistan Ltd. Otsuka 1994
147. Detailed Study on Migratory Livestock and the Marketing System in Balochistan. P&DD, GoB 1997
148. 24 District Profiles for each district of Balochistan.  The assignment was carried out on behalf of IMPLAN Project, a Dutch funded project for improving the Planning and Development Department, Government of Balochistan. P&DD, GoB 1998
149. Study to review the functions of Accountant General Office, Quetta, Balochistan P&DD, GOB 1997
150. Study on Sales Taxation of Services in Balochistan. P&DD, GOB 1997
151. Training programme for Planning and Development Department, Government of Balochistan. P&DD, GOB 1996/ 1997
152. Study on Industrial Incentives Package for Balochistan under IMPLAN Project P&DD, GoB 1997
153. Prepared a study on Sales Taxation of Services in Balochistan under IMPLAN Project, funded by Dutch Government P&DD, GoB 1997
154. Comprehensive study on Impact of Development Programmes of SAP & Non-SAP Sectors on the Recurrent Budget of Govt. of Balochistan, under IMPLAN   Project P&DD, GoB 1996
155. Detailed study for Mobilization of Financial Resources of Balochistan. P&DD, GoB 1996
156. Study on the Review of Accountant General’s Office Functions to establish its Linkage with the Computerized System of Finance and Planning & Development Departments, Govt. of Balochistan. GoB 1994
157. Detailed study on Mobilization of Financial Resources of Balochistan. DoF, FoB 1997
158. Policy document on proposed strategy for development of industries in NWFP Dept. of Industries, GoNWFP 1997
159. Implemented a comprehensive computer based Monitoring and Evaluation System for the Planning, Environment and Development Department (PE&DD) of the Government of NWFP. GoNWFP 1997
160. Study on development Impact of Policies initiated by the NWFP Government P&DD, GoNWFP 1999
161. Prepared a comprehensive document for NWFP government showing the impact of various economic measures – The Development Report 1994-95. P&DD, GoNWFP 1996
162. Detailed study on Mobilization of Financial Resources of NWFP. P&DD, GoNWFP 1996
163. Detailed study in 4 distinct Phases on the Mobilization of Financial Resources for the government of NWFP. P&DD, GoNWFP 1996
164. Comprehensive study on Strategy and Impact of Privatization in NWFP. P&DD, GoNWFP 1995
165. Developed proceedings of the workshop on “Impact of Privatization in NWFP”. P&DD, GoNWFP 1995
166. Evaluated and produced following 19 pre-feasibility studies on behalf of P&DD, GoP:


a.    Fruits and Vegetable Processing Zones in Karachi, Multan, Faisalabad, Swat and Quetta.

b.    Farming of Edible Oil Seeds, Production of Edible Oils, Processing and Marketing.

c.    Dairy Farming, Dairy Production, Processing and Marketing.

d.    Establishment of Floriculture Farming, Production, Processing and Marketing.

e.    Cattle Farming, Meat Production Marketing and Processing.

f.     Gypsum Mining, Production, Processing and Marketing.

g.    Super Tertiary Hospital in major cities of Pakistan.

h.    Ferry Service between Karachi-Dubai and Karachi-Mumbai.

i.      Health Club and Spa.

j.     Buddhist Pilgrimage & Development of Facilities near Buddhist Shrines.

k.    Sikh Pilgrimage & Development of Facilities near Sikh Shrines.

l.      Mountain Air Safari.

m.  Magnesite Refractories Production.

n.    Pesticide Industry.

o.    Steel and Related Products.

p.    Chain of Supermarkets in the Country.

q.    Establishment of Amusement Parks in Karachi, Lahore and Rawalpindi/Islamabad.

r.     Gem Stones, Production, Processing & Marketing.

s.    Fish Farming both Inland and Costal, Production Processing

P&DD, GoP 2006
167. Pre-feasibility study for Farming of Edible oil seeds production of edible oils processing and Marketing. P&DD, GoP 2005
168. Pre-feasibility study for Fruits and Vegetable Processing Zones in Karachi, Multan, Faisalabad, Swat and Quetta. P&DD, GoP 2005
169. Prepared pre-feasibility study for Gypsum Mining, Production Processing and Marketing. P&DD, GoP 2005
170. Pre-feasibility study for Super Tertiary Hospital in major cities of Pakistan P&DD, GoP 2005
171. Pre-feasibility study for Ferry Services between Karachi – Dubai and Karachi – Mumbai. P&DD, GoP 2005
172. During preparation of Study on Sindh Vision 2030 (SV 2030) for Government of Sindh in 2007, conducted eleven workshops in Karachi and four other districts(Hyderabad, Mirpurkhas, Nawabshah and Sukkur) with stakeholders, officers of districts government, economists, researchers, public reps and NGOs, occupational groups, chamber of commerce, agriculture and industry to solicit their views. P&DD, GoS 2007
173. Feasibility study for Aptech Saddar Centre for Pacific Asia Building Contractors. PAB 2005
174. Feasibility Study on establishment of Pak China Special Economic Zone (PCSEZ) in Karachi. Pak China Investment Company Limited 2013
175. Carried out a rapid survey to determine the commercial potential of the real estate of Pakistan Railways in selected cities – Karachi, Lahore and Rawalpindi. Pakistan Railways 1989
176. Organizational Capacity Assessment and Development of Capacity Enhancement Plan for PDMA – Balochistan


PDMA Balochistan 2013-2014
177. Developed an integrated Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation System for the Pak-Holland Metal Project, PHMP 1997
178. Prepared Socio-Economic Impact Evaluation and Monitoring and Evaluation System for Pak Holland Metal Project, NWFP PHMP 1989
179. In association with HZ Technologies, Australia conducted (training programme for PIA officers regarding number of initiatives taken in PIA and their implementation). PIA 2006
180. In association with HZ Technologies, Australia conducted Training / workshop program in April 2006 for PIA Officers regarding number of initiatives taken in PIA and their implementation. PIA 2006
181. Feasibility study for rice-transplanters and combine harvesters all over the Country. PIDB 1989
182. Techno-economic study for Fruit Processing Plant for PIDC PIDC 1995
183. Techno-economic study for Paper and Paperboard for PIDC. PIDC 1995
184. Assisted Pakistan Industrial Development Corporation (PIDC) in developing a strategy for the revitalization of the Corporation 1996. PIDC 1996
185. Turnaround strategy for the Azad Kashmir Logging and Sawmill at Mirpur, AJK. PIDC 1995
186. Comprehensive Techno-Economic Plan for Revival/ Rehabilitation of Dir Forest Industrial Complex of PIDC located at Chakdara Dir. PIDC 1994
187. Detailed study on PIDC’s Gratuity Fund System & Procedures. PIDC 1990
188. Study for PIDC to review Budgetary Procedures of PIDC PIDC 1990
189. Prepared Accounting, Provident Fund Manuals and Payroll Systems of PIDC PIDC 1990
190. Feasibility study for the Manufacture of Automobile Transmission Components at PMTF, Karachi. PMTF 2000
191. Feasibility study for Pakistan Machine Tool Factory (PMTF) for product diversification. PMTF 1993
192. Market study / feasibility study for assessing the market size of automotive Transmission components in Pakistan PMTF 1993
193. Feasibility study for PNSC for a Ferry Service to Dubai from Karachi. PNSC 1993
194. Prepared Strategic Plan of Pakistan National Shipping Corporation (PNSC) for PNSC Management. PNSC 2000
195. Strategic Plan of Pakistan National Shipping Corporation (PNSC). PNSC 2000
196. Market Study to assess the demand / supply and other general aspects of Fullers Earth. POL 1996
197. Prepared strategy for Linking Pakistan Poverty Alleviation Fund with the Corporate sector. PPAF 2009
198. Developed Corporate relations management Unit for Pakistan Poverty Alleviation Fund. PPAF 2009
199. Prepared PC-1 for a public sector alloy steel plant, Peoples Steel Mill 1989. PSM 1989
200. A comprehensive forecast for the requirement of trained manpower of the leather sector of Pakistan. National Institute of Leather Technology 1994
201. Feasibility study for Combined Effluent Treatment Plant for Tanneries in S.I.T.E., Karachi. PTA 1996
202. Conducted two Consultative Workshops for Pakistan Tanners Association. PTA 1994
203. Project Management Consultants of Pakistan Tanners Association (PTA), NMC The 5 year programme contains following components:

-          Solid Waste Management

-          Combined Effluent Treatment Plant

-          Upgradation of Sewerage and Drainage System

-          Chromium Recovery Programme

-          Industrial Extension (science & technology programme)

-          Occupational Health & Safety Programme

PTA 1992
204. The official Consultant to Pakistan Tanners Association and provided advisory services on various issues such as support for SME tanneries, productivity improvement, environmental mitigation measures, project development, M&E, etc.. PTA 1994 – 2000
205. Assisted Pakistan Tanners Association (PTA) in implementing its “Environmental Management Programme” at all the tanner clusters in Pakistan – Karachi, Lahore, Multan, Sheikhupura, Gujranwala, Sialkot, etc. PTA 1995 – 2000
206. Conducted two Consultative Workshops for Pakistan Tanners Association. PTA 1995
207. Developed proceeding of the Seminar on PTA Environmental Management Programme. PTA 1995
208. Developed proceedings of planning workshop on:

PTA Environmental Management Programme and Combined Effluent Treatment Plant Project for Korangi Tanneries at PTA Karachi

PTA 1995
209. Assisted in the establishment of the National Institute for Leather Technology (NILT) at Karachi, a Rs.73 million project being funded through the Export Development Fund and managed by Pakistan Tanners Association (PTA).


EPB + PTA 1997
210. Assisted the Pakistan Tanners’ Association and the Export Promotion Bureau in the development of a Five Year Plan for the leather industry (1992-96). The study comprised 7 volumes as follows:

-        Leather Tannery Industry in Pakistan;

-        Leather Garment Industry in Pakistan;

-        Leather Glove Industry in Pakistan;

-        Leather Goods Industry in Pakistan;

-        Leather Footwear Industry in Pakistan;

-        Leather Shoe Uppers Industry in Pakistan; and

-        Inputs for the Leather Industry in Pakistan.

PTA / EPB 1991
211. Detailed Study on Tanning Industry in Pakistan. PTA + EPB 1998
212. Attitude and Perception Survey on Total Quality for Pakistan Tobacco Company – (PTC) PTC 1997
213. Action Plan for the recovery of arrears and shortfall of revenues for KTR and STR pertaining to work orders. PTCL 1992
214. Action Plan for improvement of facilities of payment of bills by subscribers including expansion as well as introduction of new banks and review of existing arrangements on behalf of (PTCL). PTCL 1992
215. Developed a Plan of Action for streamlining of transfer of Bank stubs of collected amount from banks to Karachi Computer Centre of PTCL. PTCL 1992
216. Fault management Study for PTCL PTCL 1992
217. NMC in association with East West Consulting & Training conducted a one day Training Program on Entrepreneurship – Conceptualization and Execution for NMC Group. Public Workshop 2013
218. NMC arranged, developed and delivered a public workshop session in hotel Sheraton on “Extra Super Differentiating Services” by Mr. Jaseem Ahmad (UK) Public Workshop 2012
219. A detailed feasibility Study on marketing of Mineral Water in Pakistan. PWBL 1993
220. Pre-feasibility study for marketing of Diebold Safe Deposit Boxes in Karachi for M/s QSystem Inc., USA. Q Systems 1998
221. Feasibility study for setting-up a modern and well-equipped Computer Training Institute (CTI) in Karachi on behalf of QSystem Inc., USA Q Systems 1997
222. Study on Setting-up Computer System Marketing & Servicing Company in Pakistan. Q Systems 1997
223. Solicitation Document for Pasta Manufacturing in Pakistan. Qureshi Flour Mills 2008


224. Analysis of learning need Assessment of Humanitarian Relief Organization in Pakistan. Redr UK 2011
225. Analysis of learning need Assessment of Humanitarian Relief Organisation in Pakistan. Redr UK 2011
226. Feasibility Study for Pak-Holland Training Centre for PHMP, Peshawar. RNE 1999
227. Developed a socio-economic model to evaluate the impact of a major on-going development project (Pak-Holland Metal Project) sponsored by a foreign donor agency (Dutch government). RNE 1992
228. In association with a Dutch firm, Management for Development Foundation (MDF), prepared Institutional Framework for SSI Development Programme in Pakistan for Royal Netherlands Embassy. RNE 1995
229. Assisted the Federation of Pakistan Chambers of Commerce & Industry’s Pakistan – Holland Business Council in increasing commercial cooperation between Pakistan and the Netherlands. RNE 1993
230. Developed a computer based Financial Accounting, Job Costing System and an MIS for SCCI, EIDT and Pak-Holland Metal Project-Phase II. RNE 1999
231. Assisted in implementing a five year “Environmental Technology Programme for Industry (ETPI)” of the Federation of Pakistan Chambers of Commerce & Industry (FPCCI). RNE 1994
232. Conducted a study to develop an integrated conservation programme which would include storm water management, wastewater recycling, community participation and awareness, sludge disposal, etc., for an area of concentrated environmental pollution in the Country RNE 1988
233. Conducted Workshop on Evaluation Techniques by Royal Netherlands Embassy. RNE 1993
234. Techno-economic study for the manufacture of Drilling Equipment in Bangladesh. SAARC 1995
235. Market survey of air-conditioners, refrigerators and deep freezers manufacturing units. SABRO 1991
236. Conducted an exhibition and Workshop for technicians of  Sabro Industries of Pakistan in Karachi SABRO 1991
237. Market studies for both Volvo cars and Volvo trucks and market introduction strategies for the same. Sadiq Awan 1994
238. Market study including market survey of Color Cosmetics for the development of market strategy for Pierre Cardin Color Cosmetics range and perfumes in Pakistan. Samar Taameraat, Pvt Ltd 1995
239. Feasibility study for setting up a Discount House in Pakistan. SAPICO 1998
240. Institutional strengthening study for Sind Arid Zone Development Authority (SAZDA) SAZDA 1990
241. Study on merger of Youth Investment Promotion Society (YIPS) with Small Business Finance Corporation (SBFC). SBFC 1998
242. Market study for Aluminium Products for Soan Enterprise Pakistan Limited (SEPL). SEPL 2012
243. An integrated Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation System for the Sindh Forestry Development Project. SFDP/ADB 1993
244. Developed and delivered a training program on communication and negotiation skills to Shaheen Foundation (Pakistan Air Force). Shaheen Foundation 2012
245. Provided Project management services for establishing Pak – Holland Training Centre (PHTC). SIDB + RNE 1999
246. Prepared studies for setting up Common Facilities and Training Centres for PHMP at Peshawar and Haripur, NWFP for the following activities:

-        Foundry;

-        Forging;

-        Heat Treatment;

-        Surface Treatment; and

-        Tool and Die Shop.

NMC was also entrusted to implement the above centres.

SIDB + RNE 1994
247. Consultancy services (as permanent consultants) to Small Industrial Development Board (SIDB), NWFP in their project, Pak-Holland Metal Project (PHMP), set up to develop metal industry in small-scale industrial sector. The areas covered by NMC for providing consultancy services pertain to:

-        Extension services;

-        Industrial Technology Centre;

-        Common facilities;

-        Model workshop;

-        Credit facilities;

-        Training;

-        Involvement of women;

-        Management information;

-        Monitoring and impact evaluation; and

Environment aspects and working conditions.

SIDB + RNE 1992 to


248. Implementation and Project Management Services for Material testing Facilities at Sialkot of Surgical Instruments Manufacturers Association, SIMA + RNE 1995
249. Feasibility study for establishing 100 Rural and Urban fellowship Schools Project in Sindh  (a World Bank funded project) for Sindh Education Foundation (SEF). Sindh Education Foundation 1993
250. Feasibility Study of SHAAFI Medical Centre. SMF 2002
251. Institutional framework strengthening study for a large public sector organization (Sui Southern Gas Co. Ltd.) SSGC 1994
252. Assisted Sui Southern Gas Company (SSGC) in developing strategy for handling the expected privatization of the Company in 1990. SSGC 1990
253. Survey of Data Communication Services using VSAT in Pakistan Sumitomo, Japan 1996
254. Market survey of Data Communications Services using VSAT in Pakistan. Sumitomo, Japan 1996
255. Prepared Sindh Vision 2030 on the pattern of Pakistan Vision 2030. SV-2030 2007
256. Solicitation Document for SWEDE Bus Pakistan Limited. SWEDE Bus Pakistan 2008
257. NMC has been regular data supplier to Toyo Kezai Inc., Japan for the Asian Companies Handbook Toyo Kezai 1990 2000
258. Feasibility Study for Setting up of an American University in Pakistan. Trinity College & University 2002
259. Techno-economic report for setting up a plant in Pakistan to Sensitize Aluminum Sheets for matching the requirements of the printing industry. Turab Corp. 1995
260. Feasibility study and funding plan for Usman Institute of Technology (UIT). UIT 1996
261. Study on participation of Women in the Small Enterprises sector in Sialkot and Faisalabad. UNDP 1991
262. Training Needs Assessment of the government officials of Thatta District. UNICEF 2000
263. Detailed study in Sialkot District to obtain the knowledge, perceptions and practices about Child Labour in the district and developed recommendations for their withdrawal from various hazardous industries and rehabilitate them. UNICEF 2000
264. Conducted Workshop on Findings & Recommendations of Study on Child Labour in Sialkot District. UNICEF 1999
265. Conducted Attitude and Perception Surveys on Total Quality for Lever Brothers Pakistan Limited, Pakistan Tobacco Company, Brooke Bond Pakistan Limited, Lipton, Polka and Walls. Unilever 2000
266. In Association with J E Austin Associates Inc. USA prepared Feasibility Study for a Center for Entrepreneurial Excellence (CEE) at IBM, Karachi. USAID 2006
267. Assisted Usman Memorial Hospital, Karachi in developing and implementing a turnaround strategy. Usman Memorial Hospital, UMH 1988
268. Preparation of Several Bids for Private Sector Clients interested in Purchase of Public Sector Units offered for sale under the Privatization Program of the Government Various 1997
269. Feasibility studies for private hospitals and clinics in Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad. Various Clients 1997-2000
270. Market studies for the following products for various clients.

-        Agricultural products

-        Automobiles

-        Cement

-        Ceramics

-        Chemicals

-        Cosmetics

-        Confectionery

-        Cutlery products

-        Dates

-        Engineering goods

-        Fruit processing

-        Gems and Gemology

-        Glass

-        Health facilities

-        Iron and steel

-        Leather goods

-        Machine tools

-        Mineral water

-        Paper and Board

-        Pharmaceutical items

-        Security systems

-        Surgical goods

-        Telecommunication including pay card phones

-        Textile

-        Training institutes / Computer institutes

-        Wood products.

-        Instrumental  controls / boards

-        Petro-chemicals

-        Others


Various Clients
271. Assisted the commercial sections of the various embassies in the Country in locating suitable Pakistani partners, conducting market and product identification studies, etc.. These services have been provided to the French, Romanians, Hungarians and Austrians during a 4-5 years period. Various Foreign Missions 1993 – 1996
272. Assisted a number of our clients in conducting feasibility studies and in subsequently identifying and establishing either joint ventures or entering into transfer of technology agreements, these have included:

-        Toyota Motor Corporation Japan;

-        Mitsubishi Corporation, Japan;

-        Sam Yang Company Ltd., South Korea;

-        National Glass Institute, Romania;

-        GES Glass Factory, Romania;

-        Moss Machine Tools, U.K;

-        Moss Gears, U.K;

-        Shoyeng Toy Factory, China;

-        Concentric Pumps, U.K;

-        Richard Klinger, U.K;

-        Camtec, U.K;

-        Hema Hydraulics, Turkey;

-        Marement Corporation (Gabriel Shecks), USA;

-        Ursus Peroni, Italy;

-        Flit Geotech, Italy;

-        KIA Motors, South Korea; and Nirman International, Bangladesh.

Various Private Clients 1989 – 2004
273. Turnaround strategy for Wahaj Memorial Hospital, Karachi WMH 1994
274. Advised Pakistan Poverty Alleviation Fund (PPAF) in the development of strategy for linking PPAF with Corporate Sector. World Bank/PPAF 2009


275. Reengineering Study for Peshawar Pipes Limited (PPL) for Z & Z   (Pvt)   Ltd. Z&Z (Pvt) Ltd. 1998
276. Financial, Legal and Technical Advisory Services for Zulfikarabad Development Authority: ZDA 2013
277. Nation-wide market study of Instrumentation and Controls business in Pakistan. Zelin 1998