NMC is well equipped to provide organizational, logistical and facilitation support to its desk-work as well as field-work teams. The details of NMC's own facilities are stated below:


NMC has its own computerized data processing facilities adequately equipped to handle the size of large data processing and analysis of the workload. NMC has its own state-of-the-art Information Technology (IT) facilities which are always updated to keep pace with the changing IT environment.

As a policy, NMC does not charge separately for computer time and facilities.


NMC is fully equipped with all essential office equipment necessary for reproduction, communication and secretarial work. NMC has adequate in-house Telephone lines, Fax machine, Email services, video conferencing equipments, multimedia projectors for conferences and seminars, shredders for confidentiality, advance print management equipments and Report reproduction equipment.


NMC has its own library and document center with more than 8000 books, govt. publications, consulting repots, etc.. The Document Center maintains an updated file of clippings from leading newspapers of the Country and a whole range of journals and magazines. This is in a addition to the large database of consulting reports prepared by NMC for its clients.