NMC has the privilege of getting itself  registered with the World Bank, Asian Development Bank (ADB), UNIDO,  UNDP, etc. and the Planning Division, Govt. of Pakistan.

NMC has been the official Consultant to Pakistan Tanners Association (PTA) for their Environmental Management Program. The program consists of the following components:

  • In-house environmental improvement program in individual tanneries;
  • Upgradation of the drainage system;
  • Combined effluent treatment plants;
  • Chrome recovery and reuse plants in individual tanneries;
  • Solid waste management; and
  • Occupational health improvement of tannery workers.

NMC has been the official Consultant to the Federation of Pakistan Chambers of Commerce & Industry (FPCCI) for their 5 years “Environmental Technology Programme for Industry (ETPI)”. This program has the following main components:

  • Identification of environmentally safe technology;
  • Propagating the use of environmentally safe technology by the local industry;
  • Training of industry personnel;
  • Waste recycling and waste management;
  • Development of environmentally safe products;
  • Introduction of environmentally sound technology available from foreign suppliers in Pakistan;
  • Organizing workshops and seminars;
  • Organizing trade shows, delegations to foreign countries, etc.; and
  • Organizing delegations/trade/catalog shows for foreign suppliers in Pakistan; etc..

NMC has been working closely with various Chambers and Trade/Industry Associations in different fields. Good liaison and contacts exist with most of them. During the last few  years, we have worked for:

  • Karachi Chamber of Commerce and Industry;
  • Lahore Chamber of Commerce and Industry;
  • Sialkot Chamber of Commerce and Industry;
  • Pakistan Tanners Association;
  • Surgical Instruments Manufacturers Association, Sialkot;
  • Cutlery Manufacturers Association;
  • Readymade Garments Manufacturers Association; etc.;
  • Pakistan Electric Fan Manufacturing Association  (PEFMA), Gujrat and
  • Leasing Association of Pakistan (LAP).