Monitoring, Evaluation and Computerization of Systems

# Description Client Year
1 Prepared Socio-Economic Impact Evaluation and Monitoring and Evaluation System for Pak Holland Metal Project, NWFP PHMP 1989
2 For Pakistan Railways we carried out a rapid survey to determine the commercial potential of its real estate in selected cities - Karachi, Lahore and Rawalpindi.  We later developed detailed techno-economic studies for commercial exploitation of 7 plots of land in four studies Pakistan Railways
3 Post economic evaluation study for a vehicle manufacturing facility in the country. For NDFC in 1992. The study entailed detailed examination of upstream and downstream effects of a vehicle assembly plant. NDFC
4 Evaluation for the programs of the Women’s Division in Sindh in 1993. Study entailed visits to over 750 women centers all over Sindh with a view to assessing their performance and developing guidelines for improving their overall functioning GoS
5 Developed an integrated Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation System for the Sindh Forestry Development Project - a Rs. 1.5 billion ADB financed project. The duration of the assignment was spread over a period of 4 years. (1994-98) SFDP/ADB
6 Prepared a study on the Review of Accountant General’s Office Functions to establish its Linkage with the Computerized System of Finance and Planning & Development Departments, Govt. of Balochistan; under IMPLAN Project in 1994-96 funded by the Dutch Government. GoB
7 Developed a computer based Project Monitoring and Evaluation System for the Centre for Agricultural Machinery Industries (CAMI) at Mian Channu, near Multan in 1994 funded by the Dutch Government. CAMI 1994
8 Developed an integrated Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation System for the      Pak-Holland Metal Project, a Project set-up under Small Industrial Development Board, NWFP for the development of small-scale industries in metal sector 1990-1997 PHMP 1997
9 Implemented a comprehensive computer based Monitoring and Evaluation System for the Planning, Environment and Development Department (PE&DD) of the Government of NWFP. The system would enable regular monitoring and impact evaluation of over 1800 projects currently under implementation at the PE&DD. A similar assignment was also undertaken for the P&DD of the Government of Balochistan. Both these projects were funded by the Dutch Government. GoNWFP
10 Assisted an American real estate developer in carrying out detailed evaluation of real estate properties on Karachi’s coastline. This was done as a part of the company’s future development plans - -