Market Research, Benchmark and Socioeconomic Surveys

# Description Client Year
1 Carried out a detailed feasibility study and the business plan for setting up assembly-cum-manufacturing facilities for Toyota range of vehicles. This study was undertaken for a consortium of sponsors including Toyota Motor Corporation, House of Habib and Pakistan Automobile Corporation. Habib Group 1988
2 Conducted a nationwide survey of over 750 companies on behalf of the National Manpower Commission to determine the factors affecting labor absorption in the manufacturing sector. Also developed guidelines for increasing the absorption of labor in the manufacturing sector. NMC
3 Assisted Gandhara Motors in increasing the sale of Nissan Trucks in Pakistan by preparing a comprehensive market study of the trucks market in Pakistan GNDL
Nissan UD
4 Conducted a detailed market survey of air-conditioners, refrigerators and deep freezers manufacturing units. This survey was conducted on nationwide basis for SABRO - a leading manufacturer in this area. Recommendations lead to increase penetration in this market and export of the product. SABRO 1991
5 Conducted a market study for Johnson Pakistan (Pvt.) Ltd. on Liquid Antiseptics with an objective to assess the antiseptic disinfectants market in Pakistan with specific reference to Dettol Liquid. J&J 1992
6 Conducted a market study / feasibility study on behalf of Pakistan Machine Tool Factory for assessing the market size of automotive Transmission components in Pakistan PMTF 1993
7 Prepared comprehensive market studies for both Volvo cars and Volvo trucks and market introduction strategies for the same   Sadiq Awan
8 Conducted a market study for Export Promotion Bureau (EPB) to assess the market potential of Stuffed Toys EPB
9 Conducted a market study of   Telephone Cables in Pakistan on behalf of Dewan Mushtaq Group. Dawn Group
10 Developed   a   Market Information System MIS on behalf of Otsuka Pakistan Ltd. The assignment also included detailed review of functions of marketing Department Otsuka
11 Conducted a detailed study to determine the market of Non-electric Diagnostic and Therapeutic Surgical Instruments in Pakistan and their export potential. The study was conducted on behalf of Cupola Investments Ltd., Jabel Ali, Free Zone,, Dubai Cupola
12 Conducted a market study on Ceramic and Granite Tiles in Pakistan. The study was assigned by Attock Cement Pakistan Ltd. Attock Group
13 Conducted a detailed market study including market survey of Color Cosmetics for the development of market strategy for Pierre Cardin Color Cosmetics range and perfumes in Pakistan. The study included market assessment of present key players. The study was assigned by M/s  Samar Taameraat (Pvt.) Ltd. Samar 1995
14 On behalf of Attock Refinery Ltd., conducted a market study to asses the market for Industrial Grade Asphalt in Pakistan. The assignment included the determination of uses, demand, consumption, supply, major uses, prices, grades / types, distribution channel, promotion aspects, demand and supply gap, export potential and development of the outlines of a marketing strategy Attock Refinery Ltd.,
15 Conducted a Study of Automotive Vehicles Market in Pakistan, for Naya Daur Motors Pvt. Ltd., Karachi NDML
16 Conducted Survey of Data Communication Services using VSAT in Pakistan, for Sumitomo Corp. of Japan Sumitomo
17 Prepared a study of Plasticizers, PVC related Raw Materials Market in Pakistan, for Martech Inc., Japan Martech 1996
18 Conducted an indepth study to evaluate and assess the viability of setting up a manufacturing facility for Leather and PVC Suitcases and flexible Travel Goods in Pakistan. The study included market analysis, technical evaluation and suggestions for suitable location. The assignment was conducted on behalf of BOI, GoP BoI, GoP
19 Sumitomo Corporation, Tokyo, Japan assigned NMC to carry out a detailed market survey of Data Communications Services using VSAT in Pakistan. The major objectives of the study were to ascertain demand forecast of data communication services, demand for VSAT services and competition scenario. Sumitomo
20 Maxwell Stamp Plc., of U.K assigned NMC to carry out a detailed study on industrial units consuming energy. The assignment included data collection from the industrial units and its presentation on the prescribed format Maxwell Stamp
21 Conducted comprehensive Attitude and Perception Survey on Total Quality for Pakistan Tobacco Company – (PTC) PTC
22 Conducted a market study of Elevators and Escalators to determine the marketing of these products for OTIS, Singapore Otis
23 Conducted a detailed market study to assess the market for Polystyrene in Pakistan. The study included survey of user industries, manufacturers and importers and industry experts.  The assignment was conducted on behalf of  Adamjee  Group of  Industries Adamjee Group
24 Conducted benchmark surveys for the Sindh Forestry Development Project. Data was gathered on farmer’s landholdings and utilization patterns, water availability, cropping patterns, types of species being grown, etc. Under Phase - I, surveys were conducted in the 4 districts of Karachi, District Thatta, District Badin, District Dadu and District Hyderabad. This survey has now formed the basis of future evaluations of this US$ 50 million Sindh Forestry Development Project ADB + GoS

25 Prepared 24 District Profiles for each district of Balochistan.  The assignment was carried out on behalf of IMPLAN Project, a Dutch funded project for improving the Planning and Development Department, Government of Balochistan. P&DD, GoB
26 Also conducted a market study of Additives (used in various products) to determine the market size, market potential and other market related aspects. The study was entrusted by Swiss Specialty Chemicals (Pvt) Ltd. () CIBA
27 Conducted a nation-wide market study to look into the various market aspects with regard to market size, usage, consumption, demand and supply of various Instrumentation and Controls business in Pakistan. The assignment was awarded to NMC by M/s Zelin Pakistan (Pvt.) Ltd. Zelin 1998
28 Developed an action plan for the export of gems and jewelry from Pakistan. The assignment was conducted for Export Promotion Bureau, GoP. EPB, GoP
29 Conducted Attitude and Perception Surveys on Total Quality for Lever Brothers Pakistan Limited, Pakistan Tobacco Company, Brooke Bond Pakistan Limited, Lipton, Polka and Walls. Unilever
30 NMC carried out a follow-up study of the above assignment for Lever Brothers Pakistan Limited - (LBPL) as a part of their TQM Best 2000 programme.  The assignment was carried out all over Pakistan. LBPL
31 Conducted market study of import of Agro-food products by Pakistan at the behest of Canadian High Commission CHC
32 NMC was entrusted by PTC to carry out the follow-up study of the above assignment two years later in order to assess the implementation of the above study results / recommendations given by NMC PTC
33 Developed a socio-economic model to evaluate the impact of a major on-going development project (Pak-Holland Metal Project) sponsored by a foreign donor agency (Dutch government). RNE
34 NMC has been regular data supplier to Toyo Kezai Inc., Japan for the Asian Companies Handbook Toyo Kezai
1990 – 2000
35 Assisted the local assembler of Honda Motorcycles in increasing the local component through development and implementation of a comprehensive vender development program Atlas Honda
36 Conducted market studies for the following products for various clients both within and outside Pakistan in connection with the preparation of techno-economic studies for setting-up projects for the following:
  • Agricultural products
  • Automobiles
  • Cement
  • Ceramics
  • Chemicals
  • Cosmetics
  • Confectionery
  • Cutlery products
  • Dates
  • Engineering goods
  • Fruit processing
  • Gems and Gemology
  • Glass
  • Health facilities
  • Iron and steel
  • Leather goods
  • Machine tools
  • Mineral water
  • Paper and Board
  • Pharmaceutical items
  • Security systems
  • Surgical goods
  • Telecommunication including pay card phones
  • Textile
  • Training institutes / Computer institutes
  • Wood products.
  • Instrumental  controls / boards
  • Petro-chemicals
  • Others
Various Clients

37 Conducted Costumer Satisfaction Survey for NBP NBP