Management Strategy and Policy Formulation

# Description Client Year
1 Assisted Usman Memorial Hospital, Karachi in developing and implementing a turnaround strategy. UMH is a charitable hospital run by the Bantwa Memon Community. As a result of this exercise the management systems were improved, administration was overhauled, OPD and OT practices were streamlined and additional investment were made in essential equipment and facilities Usman Memorial Hospital, UMH
2 Assisted Sui Southern Gas Company (SSGC) in developing strategy for handling the expected privatization of the Company in 1990. We developed numerous financial models to see the impact of impending privatization on company’s financial position and the shareholdings. We also reviewed, in detail, various rules and regulations governing the gas sector in the country SSGC
3 Assisted the Ministry of Science & Technology in the development of National Technology Policy for Industrial Development. The work involved coordination with over 130 experts (both local and foreign) in specialized technology fields. MoST, GoP
4 Assisted the Pakistan Tanners' Association and the Export Promotion Bureau in the development of a Five Year Plan for the leather industry (1992-96). The work involved development of baseline data for all the six sub-sectors of the leather industry, assessment of the international market, review of recommendations for the various levels of the government, the PTA and the members of the leather industry. The study comprised 7 volumes as follows:
  • Leather Tannery Industry in Pakistan;
  • Leather Garment Industry in Pakistan;
  • Leather Glove Industry in Pakistan;
  • Leather Goods Industry in Pakistan;
  • Leather Footwear Industry in Pakistan;
  • Leather Shoe Uppers Industry in Pakistan; and
  • Inputs for the Leather Industry in Pakistan.

5 NMC has adequate experience in the field of environment technology specially pertaining to Wastewater Management and pollution control in industrial clusters. As such, NMC has been deeply involved in the wastewater management schemes being implemented for tanneries at Korangi Industrial Area (KIA) at Karachi and up-country (Kasur) in the Punjab. As Project Management Consultants of Pakistan Tanners Association (PTA), NMC has been assisting the PTA in implementing its “Environmental Management Programme” at all tanner’s clusters in Pakistan - Karachi, Kasur, Lahore, Multan, Sheikhupura, Gujranwala, Sialkot etc. This 5 year programme contains following components:
  • Solid Waste Management
  • Combined Effluent Treatment Plant
  • Upgradation of Sewerage and Drainage System
  • Chromium Recovery Programme
  • Industrial Extension (science & technology programme)
  • Occupational Health & Safety Programme
6 Developed turn-around strategy for a multinational pharmaceutical company M/s Johnson & Johnson Pakistan Limited. Subsequently, assisted in the implementation of the same. The study entailed a comprehensive review of the functional areas of the of organization, finance, marketing, production, operations, quality control, procurement, inventory management, warehousing, dispatches, sales fore management, human resources, systems and procedures, etc. Practical recommendations were developed for improving the same J&J Pakistan Ltd.
7 Assisted Sind Glass Industries on behalf of NDFC in revitalization of the company. This involved a review of the available equipment and development of recommendations to produce an acceptable quality of sheet glass for local and export markets. NDFC
8 Prepared a comprehensive techno-economic plan for revival/rehabilitation of Jatoi Foods Limited (JFL) jointly financed by PICIC and NDFC. The assignment was undertaken on behalf of the two financial institutions Jatoi Foods Limited (JFL) 1993
9 Developed and implemented a turnaround strategy for Wahaj Memorial Hospital, Karachi 1994 - a charitable hospital. Work entailed was of similar nature as for UMH WMH 1994
10 On the behest of EPB Prepared Five Year Development Plan in 1994 for the Engineering Industry in Pakistan (1993-1998) comprising 8 volumes as follows:
  • Action Plan;
  • Basic Metals Sector;
  • Metal Products Sector;
  • Mechanical Machinery & Equipment Sector;
  • Electrical Goods Sector;
  • Electronic Goods Sector;
  • Transport & Agricultural Equipment Sector; and
Inputs required for the Engineering Industry.
11 Prepared a comprehensive Techno-Economic Plan in 1994 for Revival/ Rehabilitation of Dir Forest Industrial Complex of PIDC located at Chakdara Dir. DFIC, set-up by PIDC for the manufacture of wood products (Clipboard, plywood, flush doors, furniture and swan wood), remained unoperative because of technical, financial, marketing and management problems. NMC’s turnaround strategy for the unit contained, inter alia, balancing of plywood plant, replacement of chipboard plant, rearrangement of furniture shop on modular production line, and technology transfer arrangement. PIDC
12 Carried out a comprehensive study on telecommunication sector of Pakistan. The objective of the study was to provide a comprehensive insight and precise data on the telecommunication sector of Pakistan, organization, function and potential of Pakistan Telecommunication Corporation (PTC) with particular emphasis on PTC’s emergency role on a private sector organization in the development of the sector. The assignment was entrusted to NMC by the Canadian High Commission. Canadian High Commission
13 Developed a comprehensive strategy to upgrade a leading diagnostic centre of Karachi and helped them improve their services & bring them at par with one of the largest private hospitals of Karachi. Diagnostic Center 1995
14 Prepared a turnaround strategy for the Azad Kashmir Logging and Sawmill at Mirpur, AJK. AKLAS production unit was found to be running into difficulties because of technical problems besides organizational and marketing bottlenecks. NMC submitted a comprehensive rehabilitation plan for the unit by recommending setting-up of a new plywood plant and balancing the furniture manufacturing facilities on modular production lines PIDC
15 Conducted a Turnaround Study for a Saw Mill Complex at Mirpur, AJK.) For a private sector entrepreneur. The objectives of the study were to restart the unit and on a profitable line. Azad Corp.
16 Prepared a comprehensive document for NWFP government showing the impact of various economic measures - The Development Report 1994-95. This is to be an annual feature and contains hardcore data on NWFP on the pattern of Pakistan Economic Survey, with the difference that it is presented in a more readable manner P&DD, GoNWFP
17 Assisted Pakistan Industrial Development Corporation (PIDC) in developing a strategy for the revitalization of the Corporation 1996. The assignment entailed making numerous presentations to the concerned authorities in the GOP alongwith necessary policy documents. PIDC
18 Prepared a Study on Industrial Incentives Package for Balochistan under IMPLAN Project, for Planning & Development Department, Govt. of Balochistan P&DD, GoB
19 Prepared a Leasing Year Book for the Leasing Association of Pakistan (LAP) for the very first time in Pakistan providing details of its members and other financial data pertaining to each member. His is to be an annual feature and contains hardcore data on leasing sector of Pakistan. LAP
20 Prepared a policy document on proposed strategy for development of industry in the NWFP in 1996-97. The study entailed a detailed evaluation of the existing industrial estates in NWFP, the problems faced in rapid industrialization of the province, availability of the required infrastructure, comparative study of incentives available in the country, identification of NWFP’s industrial potential and finally development of policy guidelines for industrialization in NWFP. Dept. of Industries, GoNWFP
21 Conducted numerous turnaround studies, revitalization studies and reorganization studies for a number of clients Between 1994-98. A few include:
  • Pakistan Design Institute of EPB;
  • Pakistan Packaging Institute of EPB;
  • Center for Agriculture Machinery Industries; and
-    Otsuka Pakistan Ltd.

PSIC Otsuka
1998   1994
22 Conducted a Reengineering Study for Peshawar Pipes Limited (PPL) for Z & Z   (Pvt)   Ltd. Peshawar in 1998. The objectives of the study were to restart the unit and on a profitable line. NMC submitted a comprehensive rehabilitation plan and a detailed study for the unit. Z&Z (Pvt) Ltd. 1998
23 Organized a workshop on ‘Development Strategies for the Micro and Small-Scale Enterprises in Pakistan’ - a jointly financed venture of the Allied Bank and the Dutch Government. Objective of the workshop was to develop recommendations for a framework for efficient development intervention instruments for micro and small scale enterprises in a private - public partnership perspective. The workshop was attended by over 100 representatives from the donor/funding agencies, NGOs, research organization, relevant government and public sector organizations, SSE representatives, etc. ABL & Dutch Govt.
24 Prepared a Leasing Year Book for the Leasing Association of Pakistan (LAP) for the very first time in Pakistan providing details of its members and other financial data pertaining to each member. His is to be an annual feature and contains hardcore data on leasing sector of Pakistan. LAP
25 Completed a study on development Impact of Policies initiated by the NWFP Government P&DD, GoNWFP
26 Carried out a detailed study in Sialkot District to obtain the knowledge, perceptions and practices about Child Labour in the district and developed recommendations for their withdrawal from various hazardous industries and rehabilitate them. The assignment was conducted on behalf of Unicef UNICEF
27 Prepared Strategic Plan of Pakistan National Shipping Corporation (PNSC) for PNSC Management. PNSC
28 Prepared Research Paper for ILO on Employment Generation Strategy for Poverty Reduction Strategy Paper II. ILO
29 Prepared Sindh Vision 2030 on the pattern of Pakistan Vision 2030. The work involves indepth evaluation of secondary data and collection and assimilation of primary data to establish the base line for various sectors of Sindh’s economy. Two series of five workshops each were held to solicit views of all stakeholders. And after incorporating the views to go back to the stakeholders for getting their inputs. On the basis of these inputs Sindh Vision 2030 was finalized. SV-2030 2007
30 Advised Pakistan Poverty Alleviation Fund (PPAF) in the development of strategy for linking PPAF with Corporate Sector. In this connection following tasks have so far been completed: Development of Strategy for Linking PPAF with Corporate Sector; Development of Corporate Relation Management Unit in PPAF; Development of Linkages with Corporate Sector.  World Bank/PPAF
31 Presently advising NAPA on Strategy for making NAPA financially self sustaining. In this connection, the strategy has been prepared and submitted to NAPA and implementation activities are in progress. NAPA
On going