Financial Related Studies

# Description Client Year
1 Prepared PC-1 for a public sector alloy steel plant, Peoples Steel Mill 1989. Comprehensive reports on assets revaluation, inventory adjustment and financial and capital restructuring were also prepared for the Rs. 1400 million project. The study identifying, inter alia, technical constraint of the unit and recommending measures to remove them, both in steel melting and rolling sections. PSM
2 Conducted a detailed study on behalf of PIDC. The study entailed review of PIDC’s Gratuity Fund System & Procedures PIDC
3 Carried out a study for   PIDC to review Budgetary Procedures of PIDC PIDC
4 Also prepared Accounting, Provident Fund Manuals and Payroll Systems of PIDC PIDC
5 NMC was entrusted by Larkana Sugar Mills (Pvt.) Ltd. to prepare its Accounting Manual. The assignment included development of General Accounting System and Payroll System of the organization Larkana Sugar Mills (Pvt.) Ltd. 1990
6 NMC undertook the development of an MIS on behalf of Industrial Development Bank of Pakistan (IDBP). The assignment included review of Bank’s operation, documents procedures, forms and other information flow etc. The assignment was carried out in Karachi (head office), Lahore and other major cities of Pakistan. IDBP
7 Conducted a feasibility study for establishing 100 Rural and Urban fellowship Schools Project in Sindh ( a World Bank funded project) for Sindh Education Foundation (SEF). The assignment included the financial feasibility and funds disbursement schedule for various partners of the project It also included the financial / government mechanism and financial evaluation and projections Sindh Education Foundation
8 Developed a computer based Inventory and Job Costing System for the Centre for Agricultural Machinery Industries (CAMI) at Mian Channu, near Multan. Also prepared the Operation Manuals CAMI 1994
9 Completed a comprehensive study on Strategy and Impact of Privatization in NWFP. The study extensively discusses various aspects relating to privatization process in Pakistan in general and in the NWFP in particular. It identifies the services/units of the NWFP Government which can be considered for privatization. Detailed methodology to effect privatization of the recommended units and regulatory framework under which the privatized units will operate, have also been elaborated in the report. P&DD, GoNWFP
10 Conducted a detailed study on Mobilization of Financial Resources of NWFP. This study comprised Provincial Tax Structure, Projected Revenues & Expenditures, Provincial Users Charges, Divisible Pool, Provincial Tax Administration, etc. P&DD, GoNWFP
11 Completed comprehensive study on Impact of Development Programmes of SAP & Non-SAP Sectors on the Recurrent Budget of Govt. of Balochistan, under IMPLAN   Project P&DD, GoB
12 Prepared credit strategy for financing Small-Scale Enterprises in NWFP for the Bank of Khyber (BoK). The study developed strategies for the BoK, targeting SSEs, market estimates of SSEs operating in the region and appraising the Bank on the SSEs credit requirements in the identified target areas BoK
13 Conducted a detailed study for Mobilization of Financial Resources of Balochistan. The study was sponsored by IMPLAN Project, a Dutch funded Project of the Royal Netherlands Embassy, Islamabad P&DD, GoB
14 Conducted a detailed study in  4 distinct Phases on the Mobilization of Financial Resources for the government of North West Frontier Provinces(NWFP).The phases included projected  revenues and expenditures and provincial tax structure, provincial user charges, non tax revenues, divisible pool and provincial tax administration. This was a detailed assignment and five separate reports were generated P&DD, GoNWFP
15 Preparation of Several Bids for Private Sector Clients interested in Purchase of Public Sector Units offered for sale under the Privatization Program of the Government Various 1997
16 Prepared a study on Sales Taxation of Services in Balochistan under IMPLAN Project, being funded by Dutch Government P&DD, GoB
17 Conducted a detailed study on Mobilization of Financial Resources of Balochistan. This study entailed work of Projected Resources Gap and Potential Revenue Enhancement, Provincial Users Charges, Provincial Non-Tax Own Revenues, Provincial Tax Administration, etc DoF, FoB 1997
18 Developed a computer based Financial Accounting, Job Costing System and an MIS for SCCI, EIDT and Pak-Holland Metal Project-Phase II. The assignment was conducted on behalf of Pak-Holland Metal Project, a Dutch assisted project in NWFP. RNE 1999
19 Prepared in 2000 Pakistan Leasing Year Book 1999 for LAP LAP
20 Conducted a survey of patient’s clients and institution client’s preferences for diagnostical medical facilities for a large diagnostic centre at Lahore. Assisted the client in improving its overall financial performance. Mayo Clinic -
21 Prepared Financial Model for Multi fuels for Askari CNG Askari CNG (RWP)
22 Prepared Solicitation Document for Askari Pharma AWT (RWP)