National Management Consultants (Pvt.) Ltd. (NMC) was established in July 1986 and since then it has grown rapidly into a truly national organization that is catering to consultancy requirements of the Government, public and the private sectors, multinational corporations and the international donors and funding agencies.

NMC has completed over 1380 assignments during the last over 25 years. NMC presently employs over 30 full-time professional staff belonging to the fields of management, marketing, finance, economics, development, human resource development and engineering.

To date NMC has been instrumental in bringing over 25 multinational firms to make profitable investments in Pakistan. NMC has been involved in establishing over 200 Industrial, Commercial, Financial, Educational and Health Care projects during the last 25 years. As a consequence we have rich experience of project development and project management all across the country.

NMC has continued to emphasize on delivery of top quality advisory services to its clients and due to this factor more then 50% of its work is generated through repeat orders. NMC relies on its own team of experts mostly to ensure quality and timely delivery. Only in case of specific technical requirements, experts from outside are hired for short-term duration.

NMC has an in-house system of “quality assurance” for all assignments including general editing of all reports, double checking of all field work, strict data control, detailed scrutiny of research methodology and in-depth evaluation of all reports by a panel of experts before delivery to clients.